Monday, November 14, 2011

New Spiffy Blog

Welcome to my new new blog everyone... ins't it amazing! I love it and hope you do too! Special shout out to KT for designing such an amazing blog for me... check out how she did it here:

KT is a seriously talented web designer and a great friend, thanks KT!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Nine- Has anything made this journey easier for you?

SKYPE!!! Skype has made all the difference for me here! I was really nervous to leave my family considering how close we are, but with skype I can talk to them anytime I want and its like I never left home!

MY AMAZING FRIENDS!!! I am so happy that I have remaind close with my friends back home even though I am so far away, and I am so thankful for all the new friends I have made here! Everyday brings a new adventure that wouldn't be nearly as fun without them!

MY WORK!!! I love what I do here, and I love being a Peace Corps Volunteer! It really doesn't get much better then this!

Enjoying my Time!

I spent the afternoon helping my friend KT with a design project and giving her tips on Illustrator! Here is what we came up! Pretty neat huh!?!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Seven- What is the best meal you've had on the island?

The Iguana CafĂ© is by far and away the best food on the island! It might not look like much from the outside (ok it looks like a shack form the outside – ok it is shack inside as well) but the food is so amazing! It is owned and run by a Rasta couple, the menu is based off of what was caught that morning in the ocean you can see from the restaurant, she does all the cooking in a tiny kitchen right in front of you, he makes fresh juice and together they make culinary magic! Seafood Pasta… yes please!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day Six- Tell about an "Only in Dominica.." moment.

I guess I should explain what an “Only in Dominica” moment is. These moments are times when you honestly have no idea what is going on the only thing you can do to keep from crying or going insane is to write it off as a “only in Dominica” moment. I feel like I have one of these moments daily… but they surprise me less and less as time go on here. When I first came I remember all of the PCVs would share our crazy moments with each other and laugh about it during training. Most times the stories would revolve around crazy bus rides with 10 more people crammed into a bus then there ever should be, or a event that we thought was one thing but turned out it was completely different as the night went on, or completely misunderstanding someone cause you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Now, I just kinda expect the unexpected and enjoy my “Only in Dominica” moments! Here are some goodies:

-       When you have been on a bus for an hour on your way home and you are so close but you stop to let someone off, no big deal, but then 10 feet, and no joke 10 feet down the road, you stop again to let someone else off, and this happens at least 2 more times… Only in Dominica!
-       When you are having stew with friends and you ask “hey what is this” and they respond “oh it’s a apricot” and after you take a bite they add “or it might be the pigs skin” and turns out it is the pigs skin (and the inch of fat under it)… Only in Dominica!
-       When you are teaching a class of 20 high schoolers and you cant understand a word they are staying but you know they are making fun of you, and your confusing only makes it all the more funny to them… Only in Dominica!
-       When you are on bus ride home after carnival and your bus is full of women dressed in crazy carnival wear and you stop for BBQ, and you are last one served and almost having an anxiety attack thinking the bus is going to leave you – cause who would notice right. But you make it back and just before the bus pulls out one woman in the front yells “WHERE IS THE WHITE GIRL!?!” and you answer, “I here, just eating my BBQ” and somehow you are all now best friends for the rest of the ride. Only in Dominica!
-       And finally… When you realize that the “Only in Dominica” moments have become “normal” life and what use to be “normal” days are now the weird ones… Only in Dominica!

Oh and sorry for the crazy run on sentences… it just adds to the craziness that accompanied each of these moments! 

I give you a "Only in Dominica" pothole marker!